Unfinishable - Oil Painting by Birutė Bagdonavičiūtė

350 EUR

Oil on canvas
Artist: Birutė Bagdonavičiūtė

"These days oil painting still preserves its limits, just like art in opposition to a project. This gives the observers an opportunity to immerse themselves into the primordial meanings of imagery, follow the journey of the creator through changes, transformations and conversions. To confirm that the painter B. Bagdonavičiūtė observes the inner transformations, looking for symbols as signs of direction, unexpectedly wanders off and gets stuck in the Alice's world. She comes out of a hole and finds her archetypal feminine symbols, kills the rabbit and moves forward. In this way a section of artist's personality is consistently formed. Either forward, or backwards, in a circle, or a spiral.
So welcome to the world of unicorns, pink lilies and hares.
Find your own swamps, holes or satellite art antennas, in this intermittently stuck world."
Art critic Julija Šalaševičiūtė

Birutė Bagdonavičiūtė had her exhibition at Ideas Block in March 2018.