Raw Vegan Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

3.50 EUR

Raw vegan handmade sugar-free chocolate

There are no animal products included in the chocolate, we substitute milk by rice cream therefore it is suitable for both: vegans and lactose-intolerant people.

Ach chocolate doesn’t consist any sugar because we substitute it by stevia. Therefore, it doesn't harm teeth, it is suitable for diabetics, people with high levels of cholesterol, and for those who are on a diet or do intensive sports since stevia is calorie-free. Regular use of food that contains stevia reduces sugar cravings and helps to recover taste receptors.

Chocolate is produced in a temperature lower than 42 °C , which helps to maintain all the good qualities and the “real” taste of the chocolate. This chocolate helps to regulate the intestinal activity, improves brain power, it helps to reduce sugar cravings. We agree to call it a healthy sin.

Ach Vegan Chocolate