Moon Phase Celebration - Giclée Print by Lena Klyukina

40 EUR

Moon Phase Celebration
"Black Noise" limited edition Giclée print, 308 gsm, 100% cotton paper, 2017
30 x 40 cm
Artist: Lena Klyukina

"Often the boundary between the beautiful and the morbid melts down and fades out. There is no good or bad left – everything just turns into bizarre. And you don‘t have to smile all the time. The Shadow you abandon still follows you wherever you go. So when you find yourself at a swampy estuary, in the midst of the rising flood you can‘t control, turn to your Shadow and you‘ll realise you are in a good company."

Lena is a visual artist coming from a scientific substrate, rich soil for art making.

Lena had a solo exhibition at Ideas Block in 2017.

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