Loosing Definitions - Charcoal Drawing by Andrei Abramenko

350 EUR

Loosing Definitions
Carchoal on cardboard (2011)
50 x 70 cm
Artist: Andrei Abramenko

Darkness consumes slowly – one wasted hour, one nihilistic song, one lost opportunity, one news report, one sleepless night, one dead friend at a time. From the trash of online drawing tutorials, stolen impressions, drunk-watched movies and half-read books, I was building my means of transformation.

Or was it the other way around? Is an idealistic pursuit of art the reason of darkness in one’s life? Countless stories of artist’s self-destruction may suggest so. It’s hard to say definitively – the charcoal drawings in question were mostly drawn back in 2011. That’s 7 years to rewrite my story over and over again.

I can say with certainty that this exhibition is about continuous self-reinvention and hope. Yeah, sounds good.

A.A .

Andrei had a solo exhibition at Ideas Block in 2018.