Dissolving - Digital Print by Liucija Dervinytė

25 EUR

"Dissolving" by Liucija Dervinytė
From "Mind Garden" collection. 

Printed on recycled A3 or A2 size paper. Other sizes available. Comes unframed.

"Mind Garden" collection of artworks explores the patterns of thoughts and how they fit the universal structures - the nature of things.

Bursts of inspiration, visions triggered by ideas, sounds, patterns of human behaviour and nature. Intuitive abstractions - an intimate inner energy, telling a story of the mind.

Mind garden opens up to an idea of a harmonious state of being. Exploring a more sustainable future.

Liucija Dervinytė is a co-owner of Ideas Block, as well she's a textile designer and artist. Her art pieces are direct expressions of her inner worlds, done intuitively as a meditative practice.