Digital Print of a Film Photograph by Vilmantė Lokcikaitė

20 EUR

Photograph by Vilmantė Lokcikaitė

Printed on recycled A3 size paper

"One of my favourite things about working with film is the process of waiting. It teaches me patience and appreciation of the imperfect from the very first shot that I take until I develop the film and beyond. Until I see what kind of a surprise the film is going to present me with this time. Sometimes trying to rewind seemingly unsuccessful film presents me with abstraction. Sometimes the light gets where it is not supposed get and two thirds of the photograph become dark and only one third exactly the way I wanted. Sometimes the horizon goes off and a finger or a camera strap gets in the way. But this only reminds me that film photography is an endless process of trial and error, a kind of process that does not have to be perfect to be extraordinary." 

Vilmantė, currently based in Portugal, is a freelance creator and translator of all things text, sometimes incorporating images into her work as well. She had a solo photography exhibition at Ideas Block gallery in 2018.

This work is a part of "Source - Process" exhibition - about the bursts of the artists’ spirit, and creativity. It is a show about the creative mind at work. Artists, who became part of Ideas Block during this first year, will showcase their ideas-development process through the fragments of notes, sketches, unfinished works and ideas, taken from their notebooks, papers, camera films, or elsewhere. Abstract, unfinished ideas, realisations, shapeless stimuli, coming in and out of context. A peek into the artist's inner source and intent.