Boiling Water Inside the Church - Oil Painting by Rūta Matulevičiūtė

500 EUR

Boiling Water Inside the Church
Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm
Artist: Rūta Matulevičiūtė

The artist creates image poetry using painting as medium. Metaphors here are not verbal, but rather visual expressions.
Rūta makes narratives open to contiguities that are subjective. They come from the surrealism and atmosphere. Surrealism means that main essence is inside. This is not a world critique, but rather human mind exploration in general. Not a critique, but a light game with it, small immobile theatre which starts moving inside the spectators mind. The perception here is affected by subjective symbols, inner mythology and psychology as well.
The inspiration is portrayed directly as it is, creating narratives – stories that are perceived in a different way by everyone according to what they are and what they have kept inside their mind up to this very moment.

Rūta Matulevičiūtė did an Artist residency at Ideas Block in the Summer of 2017. This painting is part of her residency collection.

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