"Beliefs" - Digital Print of a Sketch by Rūta Matulevičiūtė

20 EUR

"Beliefs" - sketch by Rūta Matulevičiūtė

Printed on white textured A3 size paper

"In thinking, visuals play important part, I am sharing some mind mechanics sketches, which come in stages of development and comprehension and poetic writings that I see and create as verbal paintings."

Ruta is an MFA student in painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA). She participated in the summer art residency and had a collaborative exhibition with Emily Dundas Oke, as well as a solo exhibition at Ideas Block gallery in 2017.


This work is a part of "Source - Process" exhibition - about the bursts of the artists’ spirit, and creativity. It is a show about the creative mind at work. Artists, who became part of Ideas Block during this first year, will showcase their ideas-development process through the fragments of notes, sketches, unfinished works and ideas, taken from their notebooks, papers, camera films, or elsewhere. Abstract, unfinished ideas, realisations, shapeless stimuli, coming in and out of context. A peek into the artist's inner source and intent.